Cooper - black labrador retriever
I love to crawl on my mom's lap with my favorite soccer ball toy and watch TV. My favorite shows are ESPN and Wolf Blitzer (bark out loud).  I also like to watch the Westminster Dog Show each year - I come from a long line of show dogs and some of my family members have won the lab group and placed in the sporting group too!
black labrador retriever cooper
cooper - black labrador retriever
black labrador retriever cooper and his toy soccer ball

Some of my favorite things to do...

Cooper's Cuvee

wines that are barkalicious!

Whatcha think?  I'm pretty sure I have the "cute look" down - mom and dad always give me a treat with this look.
cooper (black labrador retriever) and a bottle "official wine sniffer"of his petite sirah blackpaw wine
And, my very, very favorite thing to do is spend some "guy time" with my dad and go for a car ride.  I'll admit I am just a wee bit spoiled and get to pick which car I ride in (I like trucks but mom's car is the best for rides - the jump into the back seat is a little easier for me especially since I'm getting a little grey).  

Dad takes me everywhere with him!  I really like when we pick things up at the drive-thru window.  Do you know treats miraculously appear for me from the humans behind the glass!  It's like a magic vending machine - and all I have to do is sit there and be cute!   Silly humans - they fall for that look every time (bark out loud).

What a life...

You'll also notice a handsome chocolate lab on the labels - although I never met "Trouble", mom and dad's first fur kid must have been a pretty special guy as his photo is on every bottle of wine they produce.

I currently have two wines - Black Paw Petite Sirah and Red Collar Rose'.  If you want to learn more about my wines please visit my mom and dad's winery website at

My name is Cooper - I'm a black labrador retriever and my humans are the owners of Jean Edwards Cellars located in Napa Valley. I'm spoiled, a bit of a diva at times, very smart, and my humans love me so much they named some wines after me called "Cooper's Cuvee".

I'm proud to put my name on each bottle and I pawtograph each one.  Checkout my back labels and you'll find two paws - one black and one brown. The black one is mine and the brown one is for my brother Oaklee. Oaklee crossed over the rainbow bridge in 2017 (at the young age of 7). I miss my brother a lot, he was my best buddy and we had so much fun running and wrestling (also driving our humans crazy). Our house is a little quiet since Oaklee left us except for my snoring (which they tell me is Best-in-Show level).